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Catering Service

For every occasion: fine table linens, lighted tables in tempered glass, armchairs, and cushions covered with fabrics in various colors. Visit the gallery and pick your favorite.

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Along with our clients, we create and plan the coolest settings for receptions in any type of unconventional location, such as ancient villas, historic buildings, castles and beaches.

Tessuti Catering Service

Attention to detail

For a unique day, for a special memory, an attention to detail is important. Only through this can a difference be made. Only with the right details can the entire result be different.

catering service

The right choice

Catering Service, a spin-off of “Bussolini design S.p.A.”, is the right partner to select when creating the most important moments in a person’s life. Thanks to professionalism, product quality, attention to detail, originality, and refined fabrics, Catering Service is capable of creating unique, elegant and unforgettable events.

Catering Service is the ideal partner for creating and planning the design of any location by renting interior and exterior equipment and tailor-made linens, along with an excellent ironing service.

Enchanted Atmospheres

To create an evocative atmosphere in singular, unusual, and unexplored places… so that every event may become unique and only yours, you can develop a projection of elegant settings with gazebos and marquees full of ambience. To decorate your dreams, a world of fabrics will seduce you with high quality, haute couture selections.